Women In Trucking - A Career For Everyone


Are you a woman looking for a new career in an industry that can offer stability, great pay, and independence? Professional truck drivers are a critical link in the U.S. supply chain, touching every aspect of our lives by delivering the goods on which we depend. You may not have considered the trucking industry, but you should.

The nation's trucking industry faces labor shortages and supply chain challenges and has opportunities for everyone. In response to this need and a desire to attract a more diverse workforce, the trucking industry has stepped up its efforts to recruit women.

The American Trucking Associations (ATA) has created the Women in Motion initiative to support women seeking to join the industry and help address their challenges. In Nebraska, the Nebraska Trucking Association was one of the first associations to create a Women's Council to "support, educate and empower women to consider the transportation industry as a career."

And women are responding in growing numbers, changing the face of this essential industry. Coalition partners, policymakers, and business leaders are working to create a more secure work environment for women truckers, including advocating on issues like safer truck parking and greater diversity. The industry offers career support and professional development opportunities for women across the country.

Meet Gina Jones, a professional driver with Nebraska's own Werner Enterprises. Her story demonstrates the many opportunities the trucking industry offers, no matter your stage of life, experience, or gender.

Professional drivers are in high demand and short supply. Consider a career as a professional truck driver today!

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